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Take a tour to the cozy Anerada Inn Boutique Hotel in Karpenisi

Take a tour to the cozy Anerada Inn Boutique Hotel in Karpenisi

An exceptional combination of the senses, romantic atmosphere and relaxation takes place in the boutique treasure of Anerada Inn Boutique Hotel at the village of Megalo Chorio, in the region of Evrytania. Nestled in walnut and chestnut trees, at the foot of Kaliakouda, the hotel consists of 5 dreamy rooms and a beautiful garden house, which can host up to 4 persons. The lovely setting of the outdoor area, with the lush green of the nature and the garden pavilion with gossamer curtains, introduces you to the ultimate cozy romantic environment.

Take a tour to the cozy rooms of Anerada Inn Boutique Hotel.


he soft blue/gray color prevails in the decorative wall painting. Located on the second level, with a balcony and view over the entire village. A small, romantic suite with white-stained roof beams, fireplace and a sheer bed canopy. Enjoy breakfast in the room and savor the splendid view.


Located at the courtyard level. Kissed by sunlight and a view towards the lush garden. The furniture with the whitish patina intermingles with the decorative wall painting in lavender and hydrangea colors. A spacious room that can accommodate a third person. Enjoy breakfast by the cozy fireplace.


At the courtyard level. The stripped golden / olive-green decorative wall painting provides a feeling of rest and relaxation.


At the courtyard level with a view towards the back yard with the chestnut and walnut trees. Romantic ambience in pale peach color, decorative wall painting and a washbasin chest.

Master Suite

The Master Suite is also known as the yellow suite. An endless panorama unfolds before you: the tall peaks of Mt. Kaliakouda and Mt. Helidona and the village peeking through the fir trees. Enjoy breakfast next to the fireplace and a relaxing candle light evening in the solarium. The aged patina on the walls takes a pastel ochre hue. The suite can accommodate a third person.

Garden House

Home Sweet Home is an enchanting detached two-storey garden house decorated in English country style and family heirlooms. Light the fireplace, pour a glass of good red wine from our wine rack, sink into the down sofa and relax to the sound of jazz reading stories of yesteryear from the books in the shelves. There is a bathroom on each level. The bedroom is on the loft. The house can accommodate one couple with two children or may be enjoyed by just one couple.

Relaxation & well-being at Anerada Inn Boutique Hotel

Enjoy your stay along with experiencing alternative treatments by an experienced reflexologist and live the ultimate relaxation for two in the Evrytanic nature. Choose the room and the alternative treatment you like (reflexology – shiatsu massage – reiki) and let yourselves relax in front of the fireplace in the positive energy of the surroundings with a hot drink.

The prices* of the packages according to the room and the number of days you are staying are the following:

2 nights & 2 treatments
Blue: €340
Lavender: €340
Suite: €405

3 nights & 2 treatments
Blue: €475
Lavender: €475
Suite: €590

*The offer is valid until the 20th of December 2017.

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou