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This is the most beautiful marble village of Cyclades

This is the most beautiful marble village of Cyclades

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This beautiful, artistic Cycladic village on Tinos will make you feel like you are visiting an open-air museum of folk art. Visit it to stroll among whitewashed alleyways, discover interesting museums and meet the typical Aegean style at its best.

Maintaining its traditional Cycladic architecture, Pyrgos is the largest and most beautiful village of Tinos, and claims the title of the most charming and artistic village of the Cyclades. The village gave birth to some of the greatest Greek artists of the 19th century, and the artistic atmosphere is reflected in every single corner. From the alleys, the fountains and the embellishments of the houses, to the temples of the churches, the whole village is adorned with the magnificent marble creations of local artists.

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Homeland of Giannoulis Halepas and Nikiforos Litras, in Pyrgos, it is worth visiting the museum-house of the genius Greek sculptor, the cemetery which is full of marble masterpieces, as well as the museum of local artists, to admire the works of Halepas, Philippotis, Sochos and Vitalis.

Relax under the shade of the perennial plane trees at the main square of the village of the island and enjoy Greek traditional coffee and delicious “galaktompoureko”, at the scenic cafes.

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou