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International photographic production of InStyle magazine in Kos

International photographic production of InStyle magazine in Kos

The famous Spanish actors Nerea Barros and Adam Jezierski visited the island of Kos last month, starring in a photo shoot of the Spanish edition of InStyle magazine lifestyle.

The two actors were photographed for the Spanish magazine with the backdrop of the Old Town, the harbor and Kos villages.

During their five-day stay on the island of Hippocrates, the two famous actors and the production team had the opportunity to discover the island and its rich history, taste traditional local cuisine and enjoy the impressive landscape of Kefalos, Kastri, the church of St. Nicholas, the sunset from Zia village and the picturesque Antimachia.

Excited by the beauty of Kos and the island’s hospitality, the two actors published photos from their experience in their personal social media.

The result of the photographic production and the actors’ visit to Kos will be presented at InStyle magazine in the coming months.

The visit of the actors and production was organized by Marketing Greece and the Press Office of the Greek Embassy of Spain in collaboration with the municipality of Kos and Kos Hotel Association, for the promotion of the island abroad.

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou