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Chanel's new advertising campaign praises Greece

Chanel's new advertising campaign praises Greece

Chanel’s new advertising campaign for its latest anti-ageing product praises the beauties of Greece through an amazing video.

The video presents the natural beauty of the island of Ikaria and says:

"The sun is in everything here; in the soil, in the plants, and it is in this tree - the lentisk - that people here harvest its unique regenerative power. It's something special.

"Some call it a mystery, 'it's just life'. Maybe that's why people here live longer.

"Greece, it's all of this, and now a part of it is revealed to you."

In Chanel’s campaign, Greece and Ikaria specifically, is called one of the three “blue zones”. The other two are Sardinia in Italy and Nicoya in Costa Rica.

Watch the video below!

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou