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Trésor Hotels & Resorts in ITB Berlin. The world’s leading Travel Trade Show

Trésor Hotels & Resorts in ITB Berlin. The world’s leading Travel Trade Show

ITB Berlin is the world’s leading Travel Trade Show and every consecutive year it attracts thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of travel destinations, while it manages to gather 170.000 commercial visitors and journalists from the most popular Media, in a world scale, at just within 5 days.

Trésor Hotels & Resorts, is a participant of this great trade show with its own corner within the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) exhibition booth, receiving their full recognition and support. 

The Managing Director of Trésor Hotels & Resorts, Mr. Panos Pantazopoulos, stated: «We participate in ITB Berlin with the aim of reinforcing our presence internationally through a process of networking with German tour operators and the media, but also for the strengthening of our loyalty scheme, the TClub, through the attraction of 5000 new members».

With more than 20 luxury boutique hotels at the most popular Greek destinations, Trésor Hotels & Resorts enables the visitors of the trade show to win packages for a “unique experience” at any of its hotel-members. In order to participate to this promotional campaign, visitors simply have to register to the loyalty scheme and become a member of the TClub.

Trésor Hotels & Resorts is a handpicked collection of Greek boutique hotels of 4 and 5 stars. The firm’s prime aim within 2013, is to extend its operation abroad by the acquisition of new synergies with hotels in Italy,Turkey and Cyprus.

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From: Eva Kanellopoulos