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Orabel Suites CEO:Interview at the Hotel & Restaurant of Boussias Communications

Orabel Suites CEO:Interview at the Hotel & Restaurant of Boussias Communications

By Isabella Zampetaki

What are the main characteristics of Orabel Suites regarding architecture and interior design? Can you describe the concept of an art boutique hotel? Have you put emphasis on green technologies?

Orabel Suites is built in total harmony with the traditional island architecture of Santorini. The stone element, which is characteristic of the Cycladic islands, dominates, while the interior design is a combination of traditional island elements with art objects, such as sculptures, works of art and paintings. The presence of modern works of art in the interior of Orabel Suites rooms, justifies the “art hotel” title. The decoration of the interior and exterior spaces was entirely undertaken by the decorator, painter and sculptor, Natassa Nikoletou.

At the same time, the hotel offers quality luxury services, such as the private heated Jacuzzi in every suite, the rich traditional breakfast with ingredients from our gardens, as well as a variety of special activities we offer to our guests. Also, we have put emphasis on the “green technologies”, such as the heat pumps and energy saving systems. Our suites are also equipped with FHD Satellite TVs and Wi-Fi internet.

What kind of services differentiate your hotel from the others and at what kind of public is it addressed?

Orabel Suites addresses to the ones who look for the glory and the beauty of Santorini, but at the same time wish to live different experiences during their holidays in the island. The activities we offer at Orabel Suites are the key that makes us different. We want to show our guests another part of Santorini and less popular places, such as the port of Vlychada, Perissa and Perivolos. The hotel is located at Perivolos and this crowded beach may be the only one in Santorini that is offered for sea sports, swimming and entertainment.

Along with our partners, we give the opportunity to our clients to try special activities that will make their experience in the island unique. For the first time in Santorini we offer the chance to our visitors to see Santorini from above, through a hot air balloon, while at the same time we offer helicopter services. We can also organize cruises, walking, biking and tours to archaeological sites.

What is your forecast for this season and what is your opinion for the dynamics of the destination of Santorini?

The truth is that the tourism of Santorini is different than in the rest of Greece. Talking with our partners, we forecast that this season will be fairly positive for the tourism of the island. The impression of the island’s hoteliers is fairly optimistic.

What is your objective and what are your expectations through your investment in a hotel in Santorini?

Our objective is to offer a memorable stay for our visitors at Orabel Suites, through luxury services, genuine hospitality and special experiences. Meanwhile, our main expectation is to attract tourists in the area of Perivolos as well, which is a dynamically developing area that reminds us that Santorini is not only Caldera. Our goal is to satisfy every wish of our customers and our basic desire is to make them feel like they are at home and wish to return back to the island and our hotel.

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