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Welcome to what clearly must be...paradise on Earth

Welcome to what clearly must be...paradise on Earth

Apart from a very popular tourist destination, the island of Santorini is - above all - a truly authentic island of the Cyclades presenting its visitors with an amazing set of customs for the Greek Orthodox Easter period...

Easter Week presents a set of interesting religious events at the village of Oia, where it is really worthy to visit the Church of Panagia Platsani devoted to Virgin Mary. The icon of Virgin Mary in this particular church is said to have miraculous powers and according to references it was brought over to Santorini from Crete after its discovery by fishermen at the bottom of the sea. On Good Friday the best place to be is, without doubt, the medieval village of Pyrgos at the heart of the island, in order to see the Epitaph. The whole settlement is decorated with thousands of small tin canisters which are lit especially for this night, thus creating a very spiritual ambience. For Easter Saturday, which is the night of the Resurrection of Christ, head to any of the island’s churches just before midnight, to experience a majestic liturgy and a blast of fireworks visible from every part of the island - since each and every church fires its own set - !

Easter Sunday is a day of a happy feast for the Greeks, which usually involves eating lamb, listening to traditional music, dancing and plenty of wine drinking. In Santorini, but also in many other parts of Greece, it is a custom to burn the imitation of Judah at the central squares of towns and villages. This takes place after the Easter Sunday morning liturgy. Apart from the lamb which is consumed in large quantities on Easter Sunday, don’t hesitate to try the traditional soup called the “sgardoumia” in the evening of Easter Saturday, but also the “melitinia” which are small sweet pies staffed with mizithra soft white cheese.

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From: Eva Kanellopoulos