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Once in Mykonos Luxury Resort: Luxury Returns Home

Once in Mykonos Luxury Resort: Luxury Returns Home

The most exciting arrival on the cosmopolitan Mykonos Island invites you in May 2022 to indulge into a magnificent story. Once in Mykonos’ story is the evolution of a notable villa back in time when Mykonos first started to be the favorite adventure among artists, intellectuals and influential people from all over the world. Following the destiny of the cosmopolitan island, the villa of a prominent businessman has now been transformed into a luxury hotel of 59 rooms and suites, a distinguished spa, two outstanding restaurants and an impressive celebration venue aiming at offering guests the experience of being treated as treasured friends at the famous Ornos beach.

In this modern tale, the genuine hospitality and the hotel’s legacy speak for themselves. The elaborate design incorporating the local architecture and the landscape makes the contemporary hotel a destination in itself. Gorgeous rooms and suites with a fresh Cycladic style and luxurious features provide a place of absolute bliss and ultimate summertime serenity. Elegant as it is, it embraces with discreet luxury the main restaurant next to the pool with a Mediterranean creative cuisine, while it channels the progressive and glamorous look and feel of the renowned La Cantine du Faubourg of Dubai, famous for its Parisienne cuisine and top-class clientele.

Trésor Hospitality, the leading hotel management and consulting company in Greece, has joined forces and expertise with Louis Hotels Group to synthesize their insights for the grand pre-opening. Trésor Hospitality monitored all the process creating the brand’s profile and positioning it to the international travel channels, while then continued with the 360 management in collaboration with Louis Hotels.