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The unexpected enchanting side of Mykonos Island

The unexpected enchanting side of Mykonos Island

When it comes to Mykonos Island, the first things that come in mind are obviously Super Paradise, Little Venice, the windmills, cosmopolitan parties and intense nightlife. That is exactly what the visitors witness during their first stay on the island. But what can a visitor encounter on its second or fifth time on the island? When you are a repeater, you seek after experiences that locals are connected with, you indulge in the island’s secrets and treasures more. So, if you feel like being a repeater or doing it like a local, follow these experiences that will show you the other side of Mykonos Island.

Visit the 19 m tall Armenistis lighthouse at the end of Cape Armenistis. Built in 1891, it stands in its silence as a tribute to the rich maritime history of the island.

In total contrast to the center’s hustle-and-bustle, Ano Mera is a low-profile village that stands for the authentic beauty of a Mykonian village. In the main square, the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, built in the 15th century, will make you appreciate a different kind of grandeur with impressive wood carvings by Florentine craftsmen.

If you can imagine yourself an easy horse rider on the shore, book a guided tour from Ano Mera all the way to Fokos beach.

Away from the loud music and the crowded beach bars, there are some wonderful beaches for those who prefer nature in its purest form. Passing a long and deserted part of the island at the north, you will find Tigani and Merchia, Mersini, Aghios Sostis and Kapari.

Are you in the mood for a movie night under the stars? Cine Manto is an old time classic here.

Dive into the past with a scuba diving tour and get amazed by the deep blue treasures of the Aegean Sea and the sight of “Peloponnesos” and “Anna II” shipwrecks.

Have a romantic picnic on the best spot of Ornos beach just in front of the awarded Adorno Beach Hotel & Suites.