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Kick off for the 3rd PIFF – Peloponnesian International Film Festival

Kick off for the 3rd PIFF – Peloponnesian International Film Festival

The 3rd Peloponnesian International Film Festival “BRIDGES”, will take place in the two cities that have been highly linked to the area of Isthmos.

The two cities involved are Loutraki and Korinth. Between the 1st and 9th of December, funs of cinematography have more than one reasons to visit the North of the Peloponnese other than for a short weekend break. The festival will be held at “Alexandrio” Conference Center in Loutraki and at “Lais” Cinemas in Korinth.

PIFF : Peloponnesian International Film Festival CINE@ART is a non profit organization. It is an independent film festival which gives great weight to cultural purposes and includes a Competition Section. The festival’s novice is the creation of thematic units with a sole purpose of promoting the geopolitical and historical relationship of the Peloponnesian peninsula with the rest of Greece, as well as, of emphasizing the importance of the Isthmos Canal in connecting the Peloponnese to the Greek mainland.   

PIFF is an independent film festival which seeks to be linked to as many other creative art groups in the sector of cinematography as possible and wishes to maintain vivid communication channels with other film forums, such as the Korinthian Film Festival and many more on both a national and an international scale. 

This year’s PIFF - Peloponnesian International Film Festival - is clearly an artistic collaboration between various national film festivals, especially since a good number of film directors have handed-in their entry, streaming from other festivals, such as the: Olympian International Film Festival for children and the youth, Athens International Film Festival, the short film Festival of the city of Drama, the International Film Festival of the city of Patras, the Ecofilms Festival and, last but not least, the Cyprus International Film Festival.

Cinema lovers who will make their way to Loutraki and Korinth, will feast into 53 films in total, 18 of which are feature-length films and the rest are short films, animated cartoons and film documentaries. The projection of films starts at 3 and 5 in the afternoon and non-stop until midnight. The cost of a general entrance pass to the Festival - throughout its duration and for all film projections - has been fixed at 20 euro per person, whereas a daily pass should cost 7 euro per person. Students, children, the unemployed and senior citizens over 65, can get a daily pass for 5 euro.

For more information, dial: 27413 03012

From: Eva Kanellopoulos