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Easter in Corfu: The custom of the “Botides” clay pots

Easter in Corfu: The custom of the “Botides” clay pots

If there is one season that absolutely fits Corfu like a glove, this is definitely Spring. And if we wish to enjoy a truly traditional Easter full of customs and melodies, then it is Corfu that we select to go to. Nature now is at its best and the scent of flowers enchants us. Corfu Town is so beautiful and bewilders us even further as we watch the custom of “Botides” at the so called ‘Spianada’ (Esplanade) square and at Liston street in the heart if the Old Town. A custom combining Venetian and Orthodox traditions.

At 12 noon sharp on Holy Saturday, the residents of the beautiful houses above Liston street throw large pots made of clay (botides) and filled with water from their balconies and windows. The clay pots land on Liston street with plenty of noise as they crash into pieces! Residents hung bright red cloth from balconies and windows and decorate the large pots with bright red ribbons. Red is Corfu’s colour after all! The spectacle is absolutely hilarious and causes a fuss to the enjoyment of the thousands of visitors that gather at the Spianada square in order to watch it.

No matter where the custom stems from, today the people of Corfu maintain the custom to cast out the evil spirits by throwing their clay pots off their houses. A way to end the winter dormancy and to celebrate the rebirth of nature! Do not hesitate to pick up and keep one of the broken pieces from the pots. The locals say it will bring you good luck.

After the “Botides” spectacle, take wonderful walks in the streets of the Old Town and capture the beauties with your camera. Drink your coffee under the sun in one of the numerous cafes and enjoy the melodies from the famous Philharmonic bands of Corfu that spread their music across the town.


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From: Eva Kanellopoulos