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Walk at the river of the oblivion

Walk at the river of the oblivion

It crosses Trikala offering the city a European aura and reminds us of how beautiful our cities would be if we had preserved our rivers. Litheos is one of the four rivers of Trikala and it originates from the Antichasia Mountains and flows into Peneos. It is said that Asklepios, the god of medicine, was born near the river. According to mythology, Litheos used to be the son of Lethi, the nymph of oblivion.

Litheos is one of the most important sights of Trikala and its banks are connected by ten bridges. The most characteristic is the central arched metal bridge, built in France in 1886 by French engineers, connecting the shopping street of Asklepios with the central square of Iroon Polytechniou.

On the banks of Litheos you will find poplars, willows, elves, plane trees and wild boar, while there is also a rich avifauna.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a stroll along the riverbanks, where couples in love enjoy the setting and where the true romantics gaze at the waters. The town of Trikala is very proud of its river which brings ounces of beauty to the eyes of locals and visitors. Bicycles come and go, the people laugh and chatter with enthusiasm at the main pedestrianised street down-town. This is such a romantic town that no matter how heart broken one may be, the picturesque setting will do its magic and ease the pain.


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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou