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Gorgeous nature in 8 unbelievable sceneries in Greece

Gorgeous nature in 8 unbelievable sceneries in Greece

Gorgeous nature, breathtaking landscapes and must-live experiences, through 8 unbelievable sceneries in Greece. Discover them!


Meteora is among the most impressive regions in Greece, combining an astonishing scenery of huge rocks rising starkly over 400 meters above the Thessalian plain with the mystique of a long history of Christian significance due to the monasteries built by monks on top of these sandstone peaks in the 15th century.

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Vikos gorge - Zagorohoria

At an altitude between 550 and 1778 m., southwest of Gamila, Vikos Gorge in Zagorohoria is one of the most spectacular gorges in the world and has won a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge with the smallest opening in the world. In particular, its narrowest point reaches only 1100 meters, while its depth is more than 900 meters.

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Panta Vrehi gorge - Evrytania

Panta Vrehi gorge, meaning “always raining”, is one of the most impressive and beautiful destinations in Evrytania region. Icy waters from the steep mountain of Kaliakouda, just before ending up to Krikeliotis river, find a they way out from the sources of the canyon peaks, thus creating beautiful waterfalls. Due to the height, however, the waterfalls fall down into small and large drops, forming a continuous artificial rain.

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Doxa Lake - Trikala of Korinth

At a close distance from Trikala, the artificial Lake of Doxa is located in Korinth and it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Peloponnese. You will find it at an altitude of 900m. For all those who want to escape from the city and live a unique autumnal experience, Lake Doxa in Trikala of Korinth is an ideal choice! Just a breath away from Athens, it is an unexplored treasure, that promises to offer visitors images of great beauty.

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Photo credits: Andreas Georgopoulos

Lousios gorge - Arcadia

The gorge of Lousios in Arcadia is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the Peloponnese, not only thanks to its lush nature and pristine beauty, but also because of its historical and religious significance. The impressive gorge, with 15 km length 15 and 2 km width, is crossed by Lousios river, who is said to borrow its name because the nymphs Neda, Agno and Theisoa  bathed the newborn Zeus in its frozen River springs (springs of the Immortals), after Saturn's command.

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Konitsa bridge - Aoos river

One of the most impressive bridges of Epirus, the large bridge of Konitsa is located at the south-western edge of the city, right at the entrance of the Aoos gorge. It measures 36 meters wide and 20 meters high.

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Samaria gorge - Crete

One of the longest gorges in Europe stretching over 16 Kilometres, which one could need at least 6-9 hours to cross through. Located at the southern side of the county of Chania, the best place to enter its phenomenal world is Omilos and the most rewarding exit is that of Aghia Roumeli next to the sea shores.

Plastiras Lake

Lake Plastira constitutes one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, ideal for memorable excursions all year round. At only 25 kilometers west of the city of Karditsa, we come across its "alpine" scenery which is certainly breathtaking. Mountains full of fir, oak and chestnut trees reach all the way down to the banks of the lake and mirror their image upon the lake’s crystal-clear waters.

Photo credits: Ananti City Resort

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