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Discover the charm of Mountain Corinth

Discover the charm of Mountain Corinth

The mythical Stymphalia and the Artificial Doxa lake, the endless reeds and dense forests in a delightful, autumn escape.

"In winter, when the lake is snowy, it is magical," says Apostolos Papoutsis, president of the village of Ancient Feneos.

Mountain Corinth is only two hours away from Athens and about 60 km from Kiato you can see in one day two lakes, golden reeds, fields with well-known legumes, dense fir forests, plateaus, alpine landscapes. At the same time, the Corinthian gulf is so close, offering the ideal opportunity for the last dives of the autumn.

Of course, the wider area of Doxa and Feneos are well-known as a winter destination thanks to Trikala and the ski resort of Ziria. However, at autumn, activities in nature are more, while the hordes of winter visitors are absent. The birds are also a plus: "In October migrant birds come from here, others nest and overwinter here, and others stop," said Aglaia Kiourktsoglou, head of the Stymphalia Environment Museum of the Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation.

At the Stymphalia Museum of Environment you will be informed about the lake that is part of the Natura 2000 network. (Photo: Olga Charami)

27 km from Doxa, Stymphalia is the other lake in the area. It is a natural lake - contrary to Doxa, which is artificial - and "mythical", since the Stymphalian hens, the man-eating birds that Hercules defeated in its sixth feat, lived there.

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou