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Spetses: The island of the endless Greek summer

Spetses: The island of the endless Greek summer

Full of history, glamour and intoxicating scents, this charming island without cars makes you feel like the Greek summer is endless and gives you many reasons for after August, late summer escapes. The cosmopolitan Spetses is even more hospitable in September and October and invites you for strolls amongst beautiful mansions, romantic bike rides, impressive firework shows, swimming in turquoise waters, gastronomic delights and participation in the most popular island mini marathon of Greece.

The fireworks of Armata

When in 1821 the Greek revolution broke out, Spetses was the first of the Greek islands that raised the flag of the Revolution the morning of April 3rd 1821, in the patron saint church of St. Nicholas, located in the old harbour. Every year, the second weekend of September is dedicated to commemorating the events of the battle of Sept. 8, 1822, in which the Turkish flotilla was torched. The events culminate with a re-enactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship in the harbor. Even today, most traditional fishing boats and sea-taxis hoist the blue and red flag of the revolution.


From Dapia until the Old Port

The main port of Dapia, which during the revolution of 1821 was the meeting point of captains and lords, now attracts the majority of locals and tourists on the island. With beautiful neoclassical mansions, wooden balconies and courtyards full of colorful flowers and scents, in Dapia you will be dazzled by the beauty of the island landscape. From Dapia take the coastal road and head right to the Old Harbour, for a lovely walk of 2km. On your way you will pass from the popular beach of Agios Mamas, you will be impressed by the imposing captain houses with their unique architecture, you will admire the traditional art of shipwrights and finally you will end up in the lighthouse, at the edge of the Old Port.


Bike ride around the island

Spetses offer magical routes for romantic and more adventurous bike rides. A bike ride around the island is indeed a must activity for the most active visitors. There is a well-paved road of a manageable 26 kilometers that gives you almost a complete view of the island’s coastline, as well as commanding vistas of the entire Argosaronic gulf. There are also over a dozen different off-road trails of varying difficulty that weave their way into the island’s heartland. One of these tracks runs along the top ridge of the island, offering unobstructed views of the setting sun. With the long hours of summer daylight, there is plenty of time to spend the day at the beach and still have time to cycle through the quieter parts of the inner island.


Last summer dives

The organized beaches of Agios Mamas and Agia Marina are among the most popular choices for swimming a breath away from the harbor, while Kounoupitsa, offering pebbles, sand and clear blue waters, is ideal for you who do not want to leave far from Dapia. Sea sport lovers should not miss the pine-covered beach of Agia Paraskevi, one of the most beautiful of the island, with pine trees that almost touch the sea, as well as the bustling Agii Anargiri, where you will discover the sea cave of Bekiris. On the northwest side of Spetses, Zogeria is perhaps the best beach of Spetses.


Mini Marathon made in Spetses

Spetses Mini Marathon, the established three-day sport event in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, that has become a favorite activity for Greek and foreign participants, returns on Spetses island for the seventh consecutive year from October 4-6. Each course and event is chosen and planned in order to highlight the natural and architectural beauty, as well as the rich culture of Spetses. 


Fish, gourmet gastronomy and Sunday brunch

From ouzo delights by the sea, fresh fish and almond sweet delicacies, to haute cuisine and Sunday brunch, at Spetses you will quench your hunger with authentic local flavors. The awarded "On the Verandah" restaurant of Poseidonion Grand Hotel serves creative contemporary Greek cuisine infused with local gastronomic traditions and ingredients, inspired by the talented chef Stamatis Marmarinos, at the legendary veranda of the hotel, with splendid views to the Argosaronic gulf. At the historic hotel you can also enjoy a special Sunday brunch. Feast on refined comfort food in a less formal atmosphere, but the same glorious setting in our panoramic sea view dining room. Choose popular brunch staples, from appetisers and salads to pasta and omelettes. Or opt for some of our signature brunch specials.


5* accommodation

In a preserved monumental building of rare beauty, reminiscent of the luxurious grand hotels of Côte d'Azur, Poseidonion Grand Hotel, conveniently located in Dapia port, takes you on a journey through time. The historic Poseidonion redefines hospitality and luxury. Choose the room that suits you either in the historical or in the new wing of the hotel and indulge in modern amenities, experiencing the ultimate hospitality in one of the most emblematic hotels of the country. For bookings from September 17 until October 21, stay four consecutive nights and get one more complimentary night.

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou