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A Cycladic village called Love (Agapi)

A Cycladic village called Love (Agapi)

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Whitewashed architecture, paved alleys and traditional aura, in a Cycladic village called Love (Agapi).

Agapi is one of the oldest villages of Tinos. In the Middle Ages, it was called "Passage" (Perasma), since at that time it was leading to the capital of the island. Built with the characteristic whitearchitecture on the slopes of the mountain, it overlooks lush ravines, picturesque bridges and dove cots.

Today the village impresses visitors, not only because of its name, but also thanks to its picturesque arches, labyrinthine Cycladic narrow streets, impressive lintels and its natural springs. Here you will admire the well with its traditional laundry.

Do not miss to visit the church of Saint Agapitos (the village borrowed its name from the Saint), the Griseas area with the running waters and the green ravine with the traditional pigeon houses.


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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou