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The Telegraph features Naxos as an ideal family-friendly destination

The Telegraph features Naxos as an ideal family-friendly destination

Naxos: ‘The perfect playground for a young god’

UK influential newspaper The Daily Telegraph reveals the reasons why Naxos is an ideal family-friendly destination for British holidaymakers, in an extensive travel feature.

Sally Peck, the paper’s family travel editor, points to the multitude of sandy beaches, range of land and sea activities on offer, quality farm-to-table cuisine and warm hospitality of the locals as some of the major drawcards for parents and children of all ages.

“Naxos is large enough … to offer most water and outdoor sports, and small enough that these are never more than a few minutes’ drive away,” she writes.

The island’s inland villages proved an ideal escape from the summer heat, writes Peck, who says “here you’ll find 25 miles of hiking trails through beautiful and ancient-looking hilly farms”.

Peck says that she and her four-year-old daughter Antonia enjoyed a sailing trip to ‘unspoilt’ Koufonisia, where they spent the day swimming at remote beaches and relaxed with a beachside taverna lunch. 

“Sitting by ancient ruins and sketching was my moment of Zen: we were surrounded by sea, sun and sky, but few people, and spent old-fashioned, companionable time together,” she writes.

“This, for me, is luxury on a family holiday … [Naxos] is, in fact, the perfect playground for a young god.”

She notes that flying is an efficient way to reach Naxos with a young child, underlining the fact that Athens International Airport offers a free play area for youngsters.

Peck visited Naxos on a press trip arranged by Marketing Greece, in collaboration with Aegean and Region of the South Aegean islands, as part of efforts to promote the South Aegean islands.  

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From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou