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Scala of Vradeto: The heavenly stone path in Zagori

Scala of Vradeto: The heavenly stone path in Zagori

Photo by Iraklis Milas

Is it a technical or an artistic work? The famous Scala of Vradeto, that used to connect Vradeto village with Kapesovo until the 70s, is now a great hiking trail in Zagorochoria and a pilgrimage to local architecture.

The descent until the two bridges, Pera and Dothe, that join the bed of Mezaria ravine takes about one hour but it will definitely take you much more ... Every few steps you will jib in order to admire the stunningly designed project that is said it took 20 years to build.

There are three lanes, one with black stone for the animals and two other with white stone for people. Its width is calculated exactly so that animals can swivel while carrying their cargo. Also, more than 1,000 cobblestone stairs smoothly cover an altitude difference of 250 meters.


Text: Olga Charami


From: Anthi Sasmatzoglou